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Created with a commitment to preserving the beauty and legacy of classic cars, SUSTAIN Classic is carefully engineered to meet the unique needs of vintage engine systems.

With a balanced blend of advanced additives and sustainable biomass, this innovative fuel offers exceptional environmental benefits without compromising on power.

The fuel that combines sustainability, preservation and superior performance for our classic vehicles.

Contains Sustainable Content

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Releasing Recycled Carbon

Ethanol Free (<1%)

Multifunctional & Premium Additive Packages

Protects Against Corrosion

Increased Octane To Improve Knock Resistance

Smooth Even Flame Propagation

Cold Start Performance Assist


Can all classic cars use this new SUSTAIN Classic fuel?

If your car is running on petrol from a pump or other traditional petrols SUSTAIN Classic fuel will work in your vehicle(s). If you are still not sure please speak to your retailer. To see our retailer list please visit here.

Can I mix SUSTAIN Classic sustainable fuel with traditional petrol?

Yes this fuel can be mixed with all traditional petrols.

Will using SUSTAIN Classic have any negative effect on the performance of my classic car?

You should experience no negative effects from running this petrol, it has been fully tested on a wide range of vehicles. The elements traditionally associated with bio (i.e. ethanol) are removed as part of the production process. It undergoes a complete molecular restructure to produce a fuel that looks identical to traditional fossil petrol, but from biological sources. This is perfectly suited to classic engines.

Can I switch back to regular fuel after using SUSTAIN Classic?

Yes, this is a drop-in fuel, meaning it can be mixed with all traditional fossil petrols.

Why is SUSTAIN Classic only 80% sustainable?

The availability of true fossil free fuel components is limited. So, we’re setting truthful and realistic goals, producing fuels that have a meaningful impact whilst meeting the demands of the user. While we could use ‘mass balancing’ techniques to certify this fuel as 100% sustainable, we believe that it is important to be open about technology readiness and traceability. The industry will get there with the right support – which is why we think it’s important to start getting these products into the hands of consumers so they can see how easy and effective the switch could be. As more feedstocks become available you will see these fuels contain more traceable sustainable elements.

What is the difference between GHG savings and the sustainable content?

The fuels range from at least 33% sustainable content to at least 80%. That figure refers to the volume of second generation biofuel in the fuel. GHG (green house gas) savings is how much CO2 is saved compared to burning the fossil equivalent. Every kilogram of CO2 we avoid adding to our atmosphere, by replacing fossil fuel with sustainable fuel, is a win. We don’t instantly have to go for the full switch to start making a genuine impact. As more feedstocks become available, these fuels will start to contain even higher levels of traceable sustainable elements. However, we want to keep things affordable for consumers and be open about what’s actually achievable at the moment.

How is the sustainable SUSTAIN Classic fuel produced?

The main component is biopetrol which is made from 2nd generation feedstocks (effectively bio waste from farming and agriculture industries) to create bioethanol which is then transformed using a chemical process called ETG (ethanol-to-gasoline). We then further refine the product and blend in the additives required.

Do the additive packages in the SUSTAIN Classic fuel come separately?

No, the additive packages are pre-blended within the SUSTAIN Classic fuel.

Where can I purchase this SUSTAIN Classic sustainable fuel?

Please click here for all pump locations and events across the year where the fuel can currently be purchased.

What are the environmental benefits of using SUSTAIN Classic?

SUSTAIN Classic fuels are made by recycling atmospheric CO2, through the use of biowaste material – it becomes a cycle with plants absorbing the CO2 as they grow, which is then released when the fuel is burnt, to be absorbed again. This is unlike fossil fuels which release new CO2 into the atmosphere.

Can this SUSTAIN Classic sustainable fuel be used in different weather conditions?

SUSTAIN Classic fuels have been optimised for use all year round by carefully balancing volatility parameters.

Is the SUSTAIN Classic fuel compatible with the engine and fuel system components of my classic car?

If your car is running on pump petrol or other traditional petrols the SUSTAIN Classic fuel will work in your vehicle(s). The SUSTAIN Classic range of fuels all contain <1% ethanol and so are compatible with all engine components and materials. If you are still not sure please speak to your retailer

Does the SUSTAIN Classic fuel have an expiration date?

We recommend a typical shelf life of between 12-18 months. Best practice must be followed in terms of keeping fuel away from extreme heat and sources of water and sealing canisters after use.

How stable is the supply of this SUSTAIN Classic sustainable petrol?

We will work with distributors to monitor stock levels and keep good availability. Feedstocks for the product are in good supply.

What is the mileage per gallon with this sustainable SUSTAIN Classic fuel in comparison to traditional fuels?

The mile per gallon (mpg) figures will be equal to traditional pump fuel. Testing has shown that some vehicles have improved MPG figures.

Is there any modification needed to use SUSTAIN Classic in my classic car?

No modifications to your vehicle are required.

Will the use of this SUSTAIN Classic fuel change the exhaust smell or sound of my classic car?

No, you should experience no change.

Is there any difference in the cold start performance of the car when using this sustainable SUSTAIN Classic fuel?

No. SUSTAIN Classic fuels have been designed with a carefully balanced volatility for year round use.

What cars/customers is SUSTAIN Classic relevant for? Why do these vehicles need a bespoke blend?

Fuels from the SUSTAIN Classic brand have been specially formulated for older vehicles, from pre-war through to modern day classics. The fuels have been successfully used in vehicles from Austin 7s from the 1920s, through to the modern classic Audi TT. Older vehicles were not traditionally designed to use fuel containing alcohols, as fuel systems, tanks, seals, pipes and gaskets can suffer from corrosion on traditional modern petrols. SUSTAIN Classic fuels have removed these corrosive elements whilst also having the environmental benefits of greenhouse gas savings.

Can SUSTAIN Classic be used in any car or vehicle?

Yes this fuel can safely be used in old and new vehicles alike, for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact, whilst using a high-quality petrol.

If the SUSTAIN Classic fuel comes from Bio how does it not damage my engine?

The elements traditionally associated with bio (i.e. ethanol) are removed as part of the production process. It undergoes a complete molecular restructure to produce a fuel that looks identical to traditional fossil petrol, but from biological sources. This is perfectly suited to classic engines.



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