No plutonium needed. Just pure, sustainable energy.

We’re bringing the industry back to the future…

Created with a commitment to preserving the beauty and legacy of classic cars, SUSTAIN Classic is carefully engineered to meet the unique needs of vintage engine systems.

With a balanced blend of advanced additives and sustainable biomass, this innovative fuel offers exceptional environmental benefits without compromising on power.

The only fuel that combines sustainability, preservation and superior performance for our CLASSIC vehicles.

Contains Sustainable Content

Ethanol Free (<1%)

Multifunctional & Premium Additive Packages

Increased Octane To Improve Knock Resistance

No Modifications Required

Cold Start Performance Assist

The sustainable content is sourced from plant and food waste, not suitable for human consumption, which will not increase net CO2 levels when burned.

To preserve these extraordinary vehicles we’ve removed the ethanol that older engines and fuel systems can’t tolerate, and blended in a suite of additives from the leading edge of fuel technology. These protect the fuel tanks, fuel lines and carburettors from corrosion and deposits by adsorbing to the surfaces.

Performance isn’t an issue, it’s a feature.

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We’re very excited to be the launch partner for Coryton’s SUSTAIN Classic fuel. It is vital for the future of Classic Cars and Motorcycles that environmentally-friendly liquid fuels are commercially available, and Motor Spirit’s facility at Bicester Heritage is the perfect location to start an environmental revolution!

Guy Lachlan, Motor Spirit